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Want a free VPN service that doesn’t bother you with Ads? Then RoboVPN is the way to go! RoboVPN will provide the safest way to browse the internet while using Wi-Fi from a public router. By providing you with a virtual private network, RoboVPN will protect your digital privacy and computer security. To learn how to download and install RoboVPN for PC, one of the greatest Tools App, just follow the steps given below. 

Robo VPN for PC

About RoboVPN 

RoboVPN is a high-speed VPN service that is built with cloud technology. With RoboVPN, you simply have to select your server and you can browse anything without any restrictions from any location in the globe. You can use most of the servers for free and can surf the internet safely with just the click of a button. By using encryption techniques and a variety of security safeguards, RoboVPN ensures that your data is always protected.

Features of RoboVPN

The application of RoboVPN has the best features a VPN service can offer you. Its features range from having a network kill switch that protects your data to split tunnelling. Find out more about these amazing features of RoboVPN below. 

  • Split Tunnelling: The split tunnelling feature of RoboVPN divides your internet connection into two streams, a direct stream and an encrypted stream. RoboVPN establishes two connections for you to access the internet. This means that RoboVPN allows you to pick which material is accessed locally and which content is accessed over a VPN tunnel.
  • Encrypted Channels: By encrypting any information you put into a browser, RoboVPN makes your data unreadable to any hackers or third parties. This includes any additional parties receiving your information as it travels to its final destination
  • Trusted Server: You can trust the servers provided by RoboVPN, as every time the server is switched on or off, all the data collected from internet surfing during that period is deleted. This feature prevents data from residing in the disc and being available to hackers.
  • Network Kill Switch: RoboVPN’s Network Kill Switch feature protects your data even if your VPN connection suddenly drops. RoboVPN does this by killing the connection to your internet as soon as your VPN’s connection is suddenly interrupted. This way, no dangerous internet traffic can reach you until your device is safely connected to a VPN server again. 
  • Fast and Secure VPN: RoboVPN provides its users with the security to browse without compromising on speed. RoboVPN achieves speed through its diverse range of servers and security by encrypting all the information users put in their browsers. 

Is RoboVPN available for Windows 11?

Yes, RoboVPN is available for Windows 11. Through emulators like BlueStacks and NoxPlayer, you can install RoboVPN on your Microsoft Windows computer. These emulators will let you simulate the Android interface on your Windows laptop. Use BlueStacks or another emulator to easily download RoboVPN for free on your computer. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to download RoboVPN to your Windows computer.


We have answered a few frequently asked questions regarding RoboVPN to relieve any remaining concerns you might have. Below are the answers to these questions.

Is the RoboVPN app free? 

Unfortunately, the RoboVPN app is not free in any of the App Stores. 

Is RoboVPN available for Mac?

The RoboVPN app is available for a Mac Operating System through emulators such as NoxPlayer and BlueStacks. 

Is RoboVPN safe to download? 

Yes, RoboVPN is 100% safe to download onto your PC.


RoboVPN is the best VPN you can get for safe and secure browsing of the internet. With RoboVPN’s impressive features, it has quickly become a popular VPN service that protects your digital privacy and computer security. You can now easily download RoboVPN for PC Microsoft Windows or macOS computer. Download RoboVPN now and you don’t have to worry about viruses or your data being stolen ever again. 

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