Bunny VPN for PC – How to Install on Windows PC, Mac

If you’re looking for a VPN proxy that will keep you safe with servers around the globe, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be giving you an all-around view of Bunny VPN Proxy and the various methods to download it. You can download Bunny VPN Proxy on your Microsoft Windows PC and your MacBook. Download Bunny VPN Proxy for your PC today through the methods given below. 

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About Bunny VPN Proxy

Bunny VPN Proxy is a supplier of Virtual Private Networks. It is the easiest and most reliable tool for users to secure their online activity and maintain the privacy of their identities. Bunny VPN Proxy is invisible to hackers, organisations, and any Internet service provider. Bunny VPN Proxy will put your internet data through an encrypted channel when you join a protected VPN server.

Features of Bunny VPN Proxy

The features of Bunny VPN Proxy are absolutely perfect to surf the internet without worrying about your data being leaked. Bunny VPN Proxy offers you features ranging from Split tunnel technology to countless servers around the world. A brief of Bunny VPN’s best features has been listed below for your better understanding. 

  • Multiple servers worldwide: Bunny VPN Proxy offers its users more than 1600 servers in 30+ countries across the globe. The status of these servers are completely monitored by Bunny VPN Proxy to ensure the digital safety of its users. 
  • Encrypted Channels: Safe encrypted methods are used by Bunny VPN Proxy to protect the sensitive data on your devices. Data encryption stops anybody involved in the data transmission from discovering the real content of the data, namely carriers, hotspot providers, and third-party attackers. This ensures the protection of your identity and makes sure your computer is safe from any bugs or viruses.
  • Hide your IP Address: Bunny VPN Proxy hides your IP address by making it look like your IP address is from the region of the server you chose. This feature of Bunny VPN Proxy ensures your privacy, making it impossible to find out your physical location. 
  • Split tunnel technology: Bunny VPN’’s split tunnel function divides your internet connection into two. It splits it into the common server or public network and the private network. Split-tunnel makes it possible to use Bunny VPN Proxy to secure private data while also enjoying a direct internet connection.
  • High security of personal preferences: Bunny VPN Proxy employs cutting-edge technology to mix your personal information with all of the other user’s data. This way, the information of a particular user will no longer be available to anyone trying to steal your personal data. This is because now the information will become meaningless. This feature makes it impossible to snoop on your specific preferences and impossible to sell, as nobody would want to pay money for such jumbled information.

Is Bunny VPN Proxy available for Windows 11?

The application Bunny VPN Proxy is definitely available for a Windows 11 computer. You can get Bunny VPN Proxy on your PC through any emulators such as BlueStacks and Nox Player. By simulating an android interface with the help of these emulators, you can download Bunny VPN Proxy on your Microsoft Windows 11 effortlessly. Follow the steps of the methods given below and in just a few moments you can use Bunny VPN Proxy on your Windows 11 PC. 


Despite the information provided, you might have a few questions unanswered about Bunny VPN Proxy. We have answered a few frequently asked questions below to clear any such doubts. 

Is the Bunny VPN Proxy app free?

The Bunny VPN Proxy application is available for absolutely free for a Microsoft Windows PC or a MacBook, thanks to the methods mentioned above.

Is Bunny VPN Proxy available for Mac?

Coming to a Mac Operating System, Bunny VPN Proxy is available for download by using emulators such as BlueStacks and Nox Player. Follow the steps mentioned in the methods section to get  Bunny VPN Proxy on your MacBook without hassle. 

Is Bunny VPN Proxy safe to download?

By downloading Bunny VPN Proxy through the methods mentioned, your PC is absolutely safe from any viruses, bugs or hackers.


Bunny VPN Proxy is a great VPN service that makes the security and privacy of users its top priority. With unique features like split tunnelling and mixing the personal data of all users so it’s not readable, Bunny VPN Proxy proves its worth as a VPN provider. To download Bunny VPN Proxy for your PC, all you have to do is follow the steps given in the article. Download Bunny VPN Proxy on your Microsoft Windows PC or your MacBook for absolutely free, and protect yourself while using the internet.

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