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Want the perfect AI assistance to meet all your needs? Then Google Assistant is the right answer for you. Google assistant is a virtual assistant that will make your life easier with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This virtual assistance software is a hands-free application that will assist you with whatever you need. Having a Google Assistant is like having a Google of your own, personalised to your needs and preferences. Find out everything you need to know about Google Assistant and how to download Google Assistant for your Windows 10 PC

Google Assistant for pc

What is Google Assistant ?

The Google Assistant is a AI powered software developed by Google to assist you in the virtual world. With Google Assistant, you can have a two-way conversations with your virtual assistant like you’re talking to another person. The voice recognition of Google assistant is so powerful that it can still recognise your voice in a crowd. Downloaded and trusted by millions, Google assistant is no less than your own personal assistant at your finger tips. 

How to Download Google Assistant for PC?

The Google Assistant software is available for download on all app stores. Unfortunately, the Google Assistant app can only be downloaded on mobile phones and tablets. However, you can get Google Assistant on your windows computer by using an emulator. An emulator is a software that simulates an android user interface on your Windows PC. You start with downloading an emulator on your PC and run the application. Once you get the android interface on your PC, all you have to do is go to the Google Play Store and download Google Assistant. 

Features of Google Assistant 

Google Assistant is the best virtual assistant software because of the flawless features. Find out more about Google Assistant’s features and how to use it right below. 

  • Amazing Voice Recognition: All you have to say is “Hey Google” and your Google Assistant is ready to help you with all your needs. The voice recognition system of Google Assistant is so powerful that it can recognise your voice commands despite background noise. Even if you’re in public or stuck in a noise crowd, you Google Assistant will accurately understand your commands and help you. 
  • Wide-range of Commands: With the Google Assistant, you can do countless things done by just saying it. You can ask your Google Assistant to make calls, send messages or even remind you to do something at a particular time. Along with the wide range of commands you can use on Google Assistant, you can also use it with other Google softwares like Google Duo
  • Smart Home: If you have got a smart home, then the Google Assistant is absolutely perfect for you. From opening your curtains when you wake up till turning off lights before sleeping, you can voice control everything with Google Assistant. In addition, you can also control appliances like the coffee maker and refrigerator with Google Assistant. With Google Assistant, you can set a time for your coffee maker to make your coffee every day without moving a finger. 
  • Online exploration: All you have to do is ask the Google Assistant your question and you’ll get your answer in seconds. Google Assistant can also read out the daily news to you everyday morning. With Google Assistant, the world is internet is only a voice command away. This way, you don’t need to type out your questions on your phone and waste time. You can get instant results with the Google Assistant app. 

Alternatives for Google Assistant 

Even though the Google Assistant software is the best virtual assistant there is, you also have a few softwares that come close. You can find out more about the alternatives of Google Assistant right below. 

Alexa by Amazon 

Alexa is a virtual assistant software that is developed by Amazon. You can use Alexa by Amazon to listen to ebooks in Kindle, listen to music and do much more. Alexa is another virtual assistant that runs on voice commands like the Google Assistant and can be personalised. The more commands you give Alexa, the more personalised it gets over time. Alexa by Amazon is used by millions and is one of the top virtual assistants you can use to make your life easier with AI. 


Siri is a virtual assistant developed by Apple for iOS users to use their products with convenience. Siri can be used on devices like the iPhone, Mac, iPad and even in Apple Car Play when you’re driving. By using voice commands, you can use all the features given in the iOS user-interface hassle-free. Similar to the Google Assistant, all you have to do is say “Hey Siri” and it will be activated to follow any command. 


Mycroft is a voice assistant AI that is an open-sourced software. Mycroft got its name from a 1966 science fiction novel and is founded by Joushua Montgomery. The Mycroft software runs on various platforms like a computer, car or even in RaspberryPi. Mycrosft is a voice enabled software that is focused on protecting its users privacy. From home automation, VPN and music streaming to private remote controls, Mycroft provides its premium users with all these features. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Despite Google Assistant being the best AI assistant software, you might still be having a few questions about the software. To cover all our bases, we have answered a few frequently asked questions for your better understanding. 

Is Google Assistant free to use?

The Google Assistant software is available to users with no charge

Do I need to say Hey Google everytime?

If you don’t want to say “Hey Google” everytime to activate your Google Assistant, you can do so by going to settings, then preferences and clicking continued conversation. Once you do this, you voice command Google Assistant without starting the conversation with “Hey Google” everytime.

Is Google Assistant safe?

Google Assistant is trusted and used by millions everyday with no issues at all. It is 100% safe to use Google Assistant as your privacy is completely protected with the software. 

Is Google Assistant a virus?

Absolutely not, the Google Assistant software is not a virus but a safe virtual assistant that will help you with your needs. You can trust the Google Assistant software without a single doubt and download it on your computer. 


In a nutshell, the Google Assistant software is the best virtual assistant you can get to make your life easier. Whether you have a smart home or not, having a Google Assistant is like having the world of internet at your fingertips. With just voice commands, you can get all your work done without moving a finger. Download Google Assistant for your Windows PC today and make your life easier with the latest artificial intelligence technology in the market. 

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