Download FaceApp for PC (Windows & Mac)

The FaceApp is an editing application for photos and videos. With the help of artificial intelligence, FaceApp helps you generate realistic transformations of yourself. Released on 31 December 2016, FaceApp has created a buzz in the photo editing market with over 500 million downloads. FaceApp: Face Editor by FaceApp Technology Ltd is the app you need to make fun and exciting edits for all your social media accounts. Download FaceApp for PC today and enjoy the benefits of AI photo editing. 

FaceApp for PC

Download FaceApp for Windows 

As the FaceApp is not available for download in the Microsoft Store for your Microsoft Windows computer. However, you can download the FaceApp on your Windows PC by first downloading an emulator. An emulator, such as BlueStacks and Nox Player, will help you simulate an android interface on your PC through which you can download the app. Once you download the emulator, you can download the FaceApp application on your Windows PC through the Google Play Store

Download FaceApp for PC (MAC)

You can download the FaceApp for a mac Operating System PC by using emulators that simulate the interface of an iPhone. Unfortunately, FaceApp is only available for download on the App Store for iPhones and iPads. However, we have found the best and safest way to get the FaceApp application on your MacBook. One of the best iOS emulators is iPadian and you can download this emulator on your Mac for absolutely free. By running the emulator to get an iPhone interface and going to the app store, you can download the FaceApp application for your mac. 

Key Features of FaceApp

Ranging from the various features to the re-touch option, the FaceApp software gives you the best editing experience. Find out more about the finest features of FaceApp and how to use them to make your pictures look the best.

  • Re-touch feature: With just one tap, FaceApp retouches your pictures and gives them a magazine-quality look. Apart from adding the missing spark in your pictures, this feature of FaceApp also helps you retouch any part of your face to your liking. You can re-touch unnecessary spots on your face or anything that’s out of place in your picture. Thanks to this feature of FaceApp, all your pictures are now Instagram-ready with just one click. 
  • Age changer: FaceApp has gotten famous worldwide for this amazing feature which changes your age. All you have to do is click a picture and you can make yourself look years younger or older. With the age-changing feature, you can see yourself in the future when you’re 70! You can even take a picture of your kids and see how they will look all grown up.
  • Catalogue of filters: The FaceApp software provides its users with countless amazing filters and effects. With over 100 filters and over 30 effects, users of FaceApp have a wide range of editing tools to choose from. This feature gives them the freedom to edit their pictures just the way they like them. These effects and filters including changing your hair colour, adding facial hair, and accessories like sunglasses and hats. FaceApp can also make it look like you have tattoos and even change your gender in your pictures. 
  • Advanced editing tools: While FaceApp is completely free to download and most of the features are free to use, FaceApp also provides you with advanced editing tools. These advanced editing tools give your pictures the best finishing look, which also lets you recreate faces and images. You can get your hands on these advanced editing tools on FaceApp by paying for the FaceApp Pro membership. 


FaceApp is currently the most trending photo editing software, used by most social media influencers to give them that professional look. You can get your hands on the FaceApp software and up your photo editing game for absolutely free. Thanks to the excellent features in FaceApp, your pictures will look professionally shot by a photographer. Download FaceApp for PC today and give your pictures the professional look it deserves!

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