Download Megacast for PC – Windows 7/8/10 & Mac 

If you want to cast videos and photos on your TV, even though you don’t have any streaming platforms, then Megacast is the app for you. With Megacast, you can watch videos from your Chrome browser right on the big screen. Download Megacast for your PC and watch all your favourite videos on your TV at the comfort of your home. 

Megacast for PC

Download Megacast for Windows PC 

To get Megacast on your Microsoft Windows PC, you only need an emulator and an apk file of Megacast. As Megacast is not available for download at the Google Play Store, it is important that you download the apk file of Megacast.

You first start with downloading a Megacast apk file from the internet and downloading a trusted emulator. 

The current best emulator in the market is Nox Player, and you can download Nox from its official website. Once your emulator is up and running, click on the Megacast apk file to start the installation process. After its all set up, your Megacast app is ready to cast from your PC. 

Download Megacast for PC (Mac)

Unfortunately, the Megacast app is unavailable for download in the App Store. But not to worry, you can get Megacast on your Macbook using these simple steps. Start off with downloading a trusted emulator, like BlueStacks. You can install BlueStacks on your Mac by downloading it from their official website. 

The second file you need to download is the Megacast apk file. After you set up and run your emulator, click on the downloaded Megacast apk file and the Megacast app will start getting installed on your Mac. Once Megacast is downloaded, you’re all set to enjoy the entertainment world. 

Features of the App

Megacast is not just a software that only lets you cast media from your device. It has a lot more fascinating features that make Megacast one of the best chrome casting apps. We have provided you with all the information you need to know about these cool features right below. 

  • Cast from the cloud: Besides letting you cast videos and photos from your device and chrome, Megacast also lets you cast media from the cloud. This means that you can cast videos and photos saved in your Google Drive and your Dropbox. This feature lets you cast media from various sources unlike the other casting apps that restrict you to the media on your chrome browser. Casting from the cloud also helps you save a lot of space on your devices’ memory. 
  • Simple user interface: Megacast makes sure its user interface is very easy and simple for anyone to use. You can even teach your kids to use the app and they can watch their favourite shows and movies. The interface of Megacast is user-friendly; even if you have never used a chrome cast app before, it is no problem
  • Favourite List: Besides casting your videos from your chrome browser, Megacast lets you create playlists and a favourite list. This feature saves you much time from searching for your favourite shows. You can even use the playlist feature to list all your kids shows and keep them occupied for hours. 
  • Preload subtitles: Megacast automatically preloads the correct subtitles for the videos you want to cast. This feature lets you watch movies and shows in foreign languages with english subtitles. By preloading subtitles, Megacast saves you the hassle of downloading and inserting those subtitles yourself. 
  • Free to use: With such great features and an easy-to-use interface, one might think you need to pay for this app. But not to worry, the Megacast app is absolutely free to download and use on your computer. You can now cast your favourite movies without paying a penny. 

Similar Apps

Despite Megacast being one of the best chrome cast apps out in the market, a few competitors cut it close. In case you are looking for apps that are similar to Megacast, we have made a list for you right below. 

Web Video Caster 

If you want to cast videos from your phone to your TV, then Web Video Caster is the one for you. The Web Video Caster app is easy to use and its user interface looks like a web browser. You must find the video you want to watch and cast it on your streaming device. Web Video Caster has amazing features that block ads, let you download videos and stream from local files of your device. 

Video & TV cast 

Want to cast videos on your TV wirelessly? Then Video & TV cast is the app you need. Developed in Germany, the Video & TV cast app lets you bring entertainment on your big screen TV. With this app, you can cast media in full HD 1080p and enjoy the feeling of a theatre right at home. The Video & TV Cast app supports most smart TVs and has awesome features for you to use.  


Tubio makes it easy for you to stream web videos and pictures onto your TV screen. Developed by AE+ Software Ltd., Tubio has a 4.1 rating and over a million happy users. All you have to do is connect to the same wifi network as your TV and Tubio lets you cast videos and even music on your TV. You can cast media using Tubio by browsing for your favourite movie or show and simply pressing play in the app. 


Even though there are apps similar to Megacast, nothing would beat its features of letting you cast from the cloud and create a playlist. Megacast is handsdown the best chrome casting application you can find in the market. With Megacast, you can cast your favourite videos and pictures without a lag. The app is easy to use and is absolutely free to download. Download the Megacast app for your PC today and bring entertainment right to your home. 

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