ProtonVPN for PC – How to Install on Windows PC, Mac

With ProtonVPN, one of the top VPN services, you can browse the web safely and securely. It has a contemporary UI and user-friendly functions that will keep you safe digitally. You can now download ProtonVPN for PC without a hassle. ProtonVPN is now available for free on Microsoft Windows 10, 11, and Mac operating systems. The top VPN is yours if you just install it by following the instructions below!

ProtonVPN for PC

About ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN is one of the leading VPN providers. Your passwords and sensitive information are protected even while using public or suspicious Internet connections thanks to ProtonVPN, which routes your web traffic across an encrypted VPN channel. The  Swiss-based ProtonVPN does not keep track of user activities or leak information to any parties. The untraceable VPN service provided by ProtonVPN makes it possible to use the Internet in peace.

Features of ProtonVPN

Every feature you would anticipate from a cutting-edge VPN service is there in ProtonVPN. These features set ProtonVPN apart from several other VPNs. In order for you to understand them better, we’ve listed a few of ProtonVPN’s best features. 

  • Strong Encryption: Only the strongest encryption is used by ProtonVPN to safeguard your internet connection. This ensures that 4096-bit RSA is used for key exchange, AES-256 is used to encrypt all of your network traffic, and HMAC with SHA384 is employed for text verification.
  • Net Shield (Ad Blocker): ProtonVPN has a DNS filtering tool called NetShield that guards against viruses, and removes advertisements. This means that Net Shield stops website trackers from tracking you throughout the internet. This feature of ProtonVPN protects the digital security of its users. 
  • VPN Accelerator: Proton VPN’s exclusive technology, known as VPN Accelerator, will boost your VPN speed by more than 400%. VPN Accelerator can significantly improve speed performance by overcoming CPU restrictions that impact how VPN protocols are executed. 
  • Full Disk Encryption: Disk encryption is used to safeguard every Proton VPN server. Disk encryption protects server certificates and all other settings and software kept on an exit server, preventing attackers from accessing any data even if the server were to get hacked.
  • Stealth VPN Protocol: With Proton VPN’s Stealth protocol, you can get through various firewalls and VPN blocking techniques while avoiding detection. ProtonVPN is highly devoted to furthering freedom and creating innovative technologies to overcome censorship throughout the world, unlike other VPN services. By making the VPN traffic appear to be ordinary traffic, ProtonVPN’s Stealth VPN technology defeats censorship and enables you to view content that would otherwise be restricted.

Is ProtonVPN available for Windows 11?

Yes, ProtonVPN is available for Windows 11. You can use emulators like BlueStacks and NoxPlayer to instal ProtonVPN on your Windows 11 device. On your Windows computer, these emulators will assist you in simulating the android user interface. You can quickly and simply download ProtonVPN for free onto your computer by utilising BlueStacks or similar emulators. Follow the methods given in the article to get ProtonVPN on your Windows PC today!


We have answered a few frequently asked questions about ProtonVPN to relieve any concerns you might have left. Below are the answers to these questions.

Is the ProtonVPN app free? 

ProtonVPN considers security and privacy to be essential human rights, which is why they offer the general public a free edition of Proton VPN with unlimited bandwidth.

Is ProtonVPN available for Mac?

Thanks to emulators such as Nox Player and BlueStacks, ProtonVPN is now available for the Mac Operating System

Is ProtonVPN safe to download? 

ProtonVPN is absolutely safe to download. You can install ProtonVPN without any worries about viruses or bugs. 


ProtonVPN is an excellent VPN service which guarantees that your information will remain secure even if a connection is hacked. In essence, it provides an additional layer of security. This article has covered the methods for installing ProtonVPN on a Windows laptop. The abovementioned emulators are all popular for running PC apps. You can get ProtonVPN for PCs running Windows 11 and macOS using any of these methods.

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