What is Zedge App? Is it legal, Copyright free? 

You might have come across Zedge if you were looking for a good ringtone or wallpaper app. It is one of the most renowned Android apps that you can use to customize and spice up your phone. Zedge gives you access to millions of free ringtones, high-resolution pictures, wallpapers, and more! 

But have you ever wondered if Zedge is legal and safe to use? Or if the content on it, is copyright free? Also, does Zedge have viruses that we might have to be careful about?

Well, it is always better to stay safe online, so we will explain all about this in this article. Stick around till the very end to learn more! 

Is Zedge Legal?

Yes! You might be thinking that there is no way that Zedge is legal because it gives you access to millions of high-quality ringtones, wallpapers, etc., for free. But, it is a legitimate application available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile phones.

It also has a website that you can access through your computer! So, it is absolutely legal and safe to use. 

Therefore, you can trust Zedge and start customizing your phone. 

Is Zedge Good?

Zedge is one of the best and safest phone customization applications out there. It is loved by many worldwide because it offers free access to many eye-catching wallpapers and ringtones. It has a vast library of content, and you can even upload your ringtones and wallpapers to the app! 

It is very versatile and can be installed on any phone you have. Whether it is an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, Zedge has got you covered. You can even visit the Zedge website if you want to access it through your computer.

You can find Zedge anywhere and everywhere, and you can get the best ringtones and wallpapers at the tip of your fingers! 

Other apps may not have the exact vibe that you are going for in ringtones or wallpapers, but there is no doubt that you will find it in Zedge. There is an array of categories and even a Premium Marketplace for which you can pay to get better and more professional content. So, there will always be something for you on Zedge! 

Is Zedge Copyright Free?

Zedge is not entirely copyright free. There are many ringtones and wallpapers that the artist copyrights, so you will have to be careful while using this content. However, you will also find many ringtones and wallpapers that are copyright-free and royalty-free.

Always read through the descriptions before using their content to ensure that you do not infringe on an artist’s copyright. 

Does Zedge Have Viruses?

If you have downloaded the Zedge free ringtones app directly from the Google Play Store or the App Store, then it is definitely safe for you to use. Many duplicate Zedge apps come with the risk of viruses and malware, so make sure you install the authentic Zedge mobile application. 

Additionally, Zedge also has its own set of security protocols that analyze and check each piece of content on the app. So, none of the content on Zedge will actually have any virus. 

If you have been using Zedge for a long time, then you are probably aware of the temporary removal in 2019 Zedge was flagged by its developers for potentially being harmful, so it was taken down from Google Play Store.

It was eventually revealed that the flagging was done due to a bug, and the developers have since fixed the issue on the app. From then on, no such instance was ever reported, and Zedge has been a very safe app to use. 

Do You Have to Pay for Zedge?

Well, most of the content on Zedge is completely free to use and download. You will not have to pay a single penny for the free content. 

But you should also be aware of the Premium Marketplace on Zedge, which offers premium content that professional artists specially curate. Premium content can only be purchased if you buy credits. 

In addition, Zedge is known to have many ads, so if you do not want to come across these ads, you can pay the fee for the subscription service. 

Besides the premium content and subscription service, you do not have to pay for Zedge. 


As you can see, Zedge is a very useful app for you if you are looking to change the appearance of your phone. Whether it is a ringtone or a cool new wallpaper, you can find it all on Zedge.

Lucky for you, Zedge is available on almost any device, including iOS, Android, and Windows mobile phones. It is completely legal and has a lot of amazing copyright-free content as well.

Zedge is also great in terms of security and you do not have to worry about being infected by viruses. It has free and paid content, so you can easily find something you like! 

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