Is Zedge Ringtone app Safe?

We all love having a user-friendly app where we can personalize our ringtones, wallpapers, videos, etc. In this category, Zedge has been people’s choice for a long time. Zedge is an all-in-one destination for Android and iOS users. It is both a website and a mobile application with a massive collection of ringtones and wallpapers. Zedge app has around 430+ million downloads and 30 million active users.

But recently, it was once removed from the Google Play Store for some unknown reason. This is making people question whether is Zedge ringtones app safe. If you have a similar question, too, then you are at the right place. Let us discuss more the Zedge app.

Is the Zedge ringtone app safe?

What is Zedge?

Zedge is a mobile application and website that provides you with a massive collection of ringtones, live wallpapers, and videos. It also has a huge collection of stickers. The application has a smart user interface and is user-friendly. Zedge offers a free plan with advertisements and a monthly and yearly premium subscription which is free of advertisements.

Why should you use Zedge?

Zedge app has plenty of features and customizing options for you. Zedge allows you to customize your mobile phone with various ringtones and live wallpapers. Here, you can record your voice, create custom ringtones of your choice, or download from the huge library of sounds.

This mobile application keeps on launching new features. People use this app as it gives a personal touch, emotions, and taste to their mobile or pc. It is a legitimate app for iOS, Android, and Windows users. The app has not caused any severe harm to its users to date. It has a massive fan following. However, the question remains: Is the Zedge ringtone app safe or not?

Is Zedge app safe?

The rumor of some bug had gotten the app removed from Play Store once. Although the origin of the bug is still unknown. The Sedge ringtone app is back on the Play Store. If there were some actual malware, it would have been officially mentioned.

Initially, Zedge makers could not recognize any harmful stuff. The possible reasons were the security filters that have been recently updated. Hence, there lies no reason for this app to be hazardous in 2021.


Zedge ringtone app is a safe app for both mobile application and website users. It does not share your personal information as it has a very tight privacy policy. There comes a bundle of amazing features with its premium subscription:

  • You can create your custom ringtones
  • You can create your wallpapers, images with stickers
  • You can share your creativity and personal ringtones, and wallpapers with friends and family.

To conclude, Zedge is a 100% safe and amazing app for users. The developers intended no bugs. Users are unaware of why it was once called unsafe. But in recent times, it has been a safe and secure mobile and web application. The app is back in the Play Store, with millions of people installing and using it daily.

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