Is Zedge Free?

You might be thinking that it is impossible that an app like Zedge can give you access to thousands of wallpapers and ringtones for free. But it is absolutely true! Zedge is a wonderful application that you can use to customize your mobile phone and make it truly yours. But is all the content on Zedge really free? 

Lucky for you, we will be explaining everything about this in this article. So, do continue reading until the very end to know if Zedge is free, how to get free ringtones and wallpapers from Zedge, and much more! 

Are Zedge Ringtones Free?

Yes, Zedge is filled with millions of high-quality ringtones that are absolutely free! In fact, you can download these free ringtones directly from Zedge and instantly set them as your phone ringtone directly from the app. You do not even have to go to your phone settings to change your ringtone. 

But to get access to ringtones that professional creators make, you will have to pay for the Premium Marketplace by buying credits. In addition, if you are tired of coming across ads all the time, you can pay for the Zedge subscription. 

Now, let us discuss whether Zedge is actually free for Android phones and how to download free ringtones on Android. 

Is Zedge Free for Android?

Yes! Zedge is a free app that you can easily download from the Google Play Store on your Android device. It is available on almost every Android phone nowadays and offers you access to an abundance of free ringtones, wallpapers, and notification sounds. 

As we mentioned before, a lot of free content is available on Zedge. But there is also a Premium Marketplace, where professional creators sell their content at a certain price. If you want to download a premium ringtone, you must pay for it. Other than this, almost everything else is free to use and download! 

Is Zedge Free for iPhone?

Yes, Zedge is still free for iPhones, but there is no way to download a ringtone from the Zedge IOS app and set it as your ringtone. Instead, the easiest method to download a free ringtone from Zedge on your iPhone is by using the Zedge website and GarageBand.

Does Zedge Cost Money?

Most of the content is offered on Zedge, but there is a Premium Marketplace where you will have to buy credits to download and use the premium content. Premium content is usually made by professional creators who make and sell much of their work. 

In addition, Zedge also offers a subscription service which you can pay for if you wish to stop seeing ads while browsing through the free content on the app. 

Besides the Premium content and the subscription service, Zedge does not cost any money whatsoever. It is a free and bountiful app that will help you customize your phone. 

Are Zedge Wallpapers Free?

Yes, most of the wallpapers on Zedge are completely free to use and download. You can even set them as your phone wallpaper right from the app! 

However, if a premium wallpaper has caught your eye, then you might have to buy credits to download that wallpaper. Any wallpaper that is part of the Premium Marketplace in Zedge requires you to buy credits for access. 

But if you cannot buy credits, do not worry because millions of free wallpapers are still waiting for you on Zedge! 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we have taught you all about finding free ringtones on Zedge. If you are on the hunt for a good ringtone and wallpaper app, then you should definitely explore Zedge. It is free, and you will also get access to millions of high-quality pictures, ringtones, and more!

If you are confused about downloading and setting ringtones on your device, read the guide above to get a better idea. Zedge is truly the gift that keeps on giving, so go on and give it a try.

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